Machine Gun Kelly Reveals ‘Breakdown’ In New Song ‘Dont Let Me Go’

Machine Gun Kelly‘s new song “Don’t Let Me Go,” which arrived recently along with a video, sees the singer revealing a “breakdown” was the reason behind him getting a massive blackout tattoo.

“Just like I wish they would understand me one time/ I had a breakdown and tatted my entire body except one line,” MGK raps in the piano-laden track.

MGK also mentions that mental health problems, substance abuse, and a strained relationship with his late father as some of the issues that led to his downfall.

“Before my dad left to serve, he made sure I took on every quality I didn’t want/ I was supposed to die at birth, gave me another chance, I f**ked it up, gave me another one/ I’ve been running from secrets I hid as a kid, I never confronted ’em,” he raps about his past, alluding to abandonment from both his parents from a young age, before saying he still forgave his mother.

In the song, Kelly raps, “This psychiatrist keeps evaluating / How can I live with the fact / That my hand wasn’t on her stomach when we lost the baby”.

Referencing the miscarriage his fiancĂ©e Megan Fox suffered, MGK raps: “How can I live with the fact/ That my hand wasn’t on her stomach when we lost the baby?/ I don’t got no one to turn to/ Because everyone’s dead in my life that was tryna raise me.”

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